Here’s What I’m YELLING About!

Manchester In My Heart

Yesterday I spent a few hours at my son's middle school in Brooklyn, NY. He's in the sixth grade and was selected to participate in their version of the Junior Olympics. Twenty seven kids (out of almost 500) competed in sporting events in front of their entire grade....

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Mom 2 For The Win!

It's been one week since I was picked up curbside by Kia, one of the Mom 2 major sponsors, alongside other nervous mamas attending our first conference. One week since I set foot in the lobby of the sprawling, decadent, gorgeous Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes in Orlando,...

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Call Your Mother.

You guys, it's 10:30pm, I've been in Florida since Wednesday, it's Mother's Day and I'm tired. I spent the earlier part of my trip at a conference - which I will write more about in a different post - and the latter part visiting my Mom for her birthday (she turned...

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Go Big Or Go Home

I have a few mantras that I live by - guiding principles if you will - for when I feel like the going is getting tough or if I need a dose of optimism. "Go big or go home" is one of them. I don't remember the first time I heard it, probably during my childhood if I...

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Pay It Forward – How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

You guys, I was thrown for a loop yesterday. I guess that's the way life is, seems to be moving along in a good way and then BAM! Something happens. I'm being interviewed as a guest on a podcast on Monday and the interviewer sent me a list of questions to look over...

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One Thing

You guys, if you know me in real life you know I love shiny sparkly things that come in the form of accessories. I've rarely met a jewel I didn't love. And I love to collect trinkets especially when they have meaning behind them. I came across One Thing Lockets late...

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Pay It Forward Friday – The Power Of Forgiveness

Happy Love Week you guys! I hope you all had a fun, sweet filled, candy covered Valentine's Day!! I started my day with a brand new head cold that's still lingering, but managed to salvage it by having brunch with Will, getting the boys some new books (thanks WORD...

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5 Ways To Focus On Love (Everyday)

Ah, Valentine's Day! The one day a year we're expected to show our love and appreciation for our partners....the ONE DAY. I'm all for hearts and flowers, believe me! But, I l try to show my love and appreciation every day. Look, if you're not putting some kind of...

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Who Doesn’t Love Shoes?

You guys, it's been an insane week! I've been dealing with a 3 day long headache - I was hoping it was weather related but it's not letting up so I might have to suck it up and see a doctor, I'm giving it a few more days. We had a foot of snow fall on us in the last...

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Fighting Autism – Year #2

Kicking off love month by spreading some LOVE! it’s time to Pay It Forward!! This week's post is a follow up from last year. I have a good friend who’s 7 year old grandson, CJ was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and they are on a crusade to make sure he...

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Pay It Forward Friday – Love Love Love Love!!!

You guys! It's back after a looonnng hiatus that is 100% my fault for which I will not make excuses. Pay it Forward Friday is something I started a few years ago after Hurricane Sandy and I kept it going inconsistently. Effective now that changes. It's back. Every...

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Why I’m Bringing My Son To The Women’s March.

T-minus 4 days and counting until one of the largest rally’s in the country takes place and I for one could not be more proud to participate. I‘ll be in New York City sharing the experience with many friends and most importantly, my eleven year old son.   I know...

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