You guys…How’s this for a shallow post? If you know me in real life you know that I don’t watch TV regularly. The TV’s in our house are either on a sports channel, a cartoon channel or a news channel so when I get to watch a TV show (of my choosing) it’s typically super late at night and I don’t want to have to think about what I’m watching because I’m reading on my iPad at the same time. That said, when I do watch TV I watch 1 of these shows that I’m OBSESSED with, they are as follows:

  1. The Real Housewives (not every franchise though, only the OC, NY, NJ, Beverly Hills and Melbourne) – they’re all crazy and I just can’t turn away!!
  2. VanderPump Rules – they’re all spoiled and should be smacked – except Lisa who I adore!
  3. Girlfriends Guide to Divorce – the only scripted show I watch, love Lisa Edelstein!
  4. Watch What Happens Live – live hilarity nightly!
  5. Sometimes The Tonight Show or Jon Stewart but not often, these are more next day clips that my husband tells me I should watch. (Jimmy and Jon are 2 of my fave comedians, they’re both brilliant).

Clearly I have a thing for Bravo shows. I can’t even help myself…it’s the crazy insane non reality of all of those shows that sucks me in and I cannot. Stop. Watching. I have my faves from each of the shows and I’m also mildly in love with Andy Cohen. I just finished reading his most recent book “The Andy Cohen Diaries” (better late than never!), and I ate it up…partly because I used to live in his neighborhood and feel a kindred spirit with him as he reminisces about places I used to go that are now banks and drug stores that we don’t need (bring back old NYC!). And partly because he’s hysterically funny and so honest about writing such a shallow book (he says it in the title). I read the whole thing in his voice and could not stop laughing. So thanks Andy for the NYC late 90’s edition trip down memory lane, it’s always a fun thing for me! And now you know that my guilty pleasure is not a fattening food item….


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