Oh wait, Christmas is over you guys! Apparently we aren’t going to get away with a mild winter this year in the Northeast. All day all I’ve been hearing about is this clipper thing¬†that’s about to dump somewhere in the range of 3 feet of snow on us starting tomorrow. Now I will admit, I’m an all weather girl. I love the seasons. I don’t have a favorite time of year because all the time is my favorite time of year, especially in New York City. I’ve been checking Facebook periodically today and seeing posts from people making their trips to the grocery store and Costco and updating on how every store is a zoo. People are acting like it’s the end of the world, fighting over parking spaces, arguing with cashiers, and just being general jerks. Dudes, it’s just snow! It melts! It’s not going to strand you in your house for weeks!! And oh by the way, if you live in the tri-state area, it’s probably not your first time dealing with a snow storm. Stock up on junk food, movies and soup fixin’s, you’ll be fine. I’ll sit by the window and watch it fall in record time (or at least that’s what I’m hearing), and listen to my little one exclaim “Mom, it’s snowing!” for the millionth time during the evening. I’ll probably bake cookies and make a pot of some kind of winter deliciousness, open a bottle of wine and be happy that I don’t have to go anywhere. And when it’s stopped we can go outside to measure the snowfall by using body parts (waist high, thigh high, etc), and of course, post pics on Facebook and Instagram for all our southern family to see. I say bring it on, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

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